About Us

About Us

What we do
We aim to educate the youth of Liverpool of the dangers on crime.

Cells is an initiative, born from the need for understanding through education into the consequences of anti-social behaviour and criminal activity. We aim to use our experience as diverse measure to give tomorrows society a better chance in life. 

We concentre on educating and assisting individuals, concentrating on specific aspects with help and experience from rehabilitated ex-offenders. 

We aim to address and cover the following areas: 

  • Anti-Social Behaviour and Victim Impact
  • Crime and Consequences  
  • Drugs and  drug awareness
  • The effects on families and victims 
  • Gang culture 
  • Joint Enterprise 
  • Gun and Knife crime 
  • Victim Impact session 
  • Prison and Prison life
  • Choice and responsibilities 
  • Onward training  and progression into employment 

Meet the Team

Our expertise and leadership skills include our Project Manager, who founded CELLS in 2009 (Choices-Education-Lifelong-Learning-Skills-Charity), his background is 30+ years in logistical operations, BSI Quality standards auditing and business development, with 10-years extensive work with CYP managing CELLS. 

CELLS governing board consists of 3 non-related directors who are professional people. The chair has 24-years’ experience of management in the third-sector and a business studies degree. Another is a third-year University social care student, with vast experience of working with challenging CYP. The remaining director is a manager in the construction industry and utilises his connections and expertise to secure placements, work-experience, training and employment for our beneficiaries.

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— Our Strengths and Resources

Our strengths are innovative props and resources; however, our main asset is our CELLS team which consists of people who have been affected by crime, this includes reformed ex-offenders and also victims of crime and abuse. We help them turn their lives around, training them to deliver important messages to CYP, using their negative experiences to provide much needed informed choice on crime and ASB, and inspire positive futures.

Directors have extensive knowledge of local youth/crime strategies, referral protocols and data-management procedures. All directors have a passion for CELLS objectives and our beneficiaries because they have been affected by crime and are representative of our beneficiary groups.

CYP engaged by CELLS-Team tell us it is REAL people from similar backgrounds portraying the REAL implications that they relate to, trust and engage with. We value our team, so we have an obligation to help them too, empowering them with skills and experience to continue their social restitution and redevelopment.


I have always committed my time to charity work, an opportunity came at CELLS to help with KidsKast and enable young people to get involved with film making and production.


I joined CELLS after experiencing county lines exploitation, after years of being involved I felt the huge impact it had on my mental health and had me heading down the road towards prison. I want to make more kids aware of these consequences due to living that way of life.


I founded Cells in 2010 because I wanted young people to understand the impact and consequences getting involved in crime has. I developed this charity because of the experience i had with crime in my own family. I firmly believe that through my background i can empathise and help young people through support and education.

My mantra is; 'Be the person you are meant to be, for you. Don't be the fool others want you to be.'



I joined cells team to help young people overcome issues that impact on their mental health and well being. I just want to help kids understand they are not alone and we are here to support them.


- Che

I went to prison for drug supply and firearm offences, after I left prison I got involved with CELLS to not only better myself but also to help others and prevent young people making the choices I made.

My mantra is ; Its never too late to change your direction.

- Kieron

I was involved in county lines from a young age, through being in contact with the wrong people. I made some bad choices. When I was arrested I came into contact with Cells, they help me change my life around for the better. Getting involved with the team is the best thing i ever did.

I've turned my life around from being involved in crime to helping educate kids and steer them away from crime.

My mantra is, don't make the same mistakes I did.

- Craig

Craig is a qualified youth worker from Manchester who is studying for a degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy, a keen footballer and coach with a warm sense of humour; a family man who not only lives for his kids, he cares for CELLS kids too.

Mantra :  “I made bad choices when I was younger, my aim is to help you make the right ones”.


Hi my name is Tisha.

I am a victim of crime and having experienced what I have been through and come out the other side has made me want to encourage young people on how to avoid crime by making the right choices that will lead them to good consequences, and avoid them going down the pathway to crime. I enjoy working for Cells as this enables me to share my true experiences with young people, and to offer support and listen to their needs. My hobbies are reading true stories, watching true movies and gardening.

My mantra is : 

“Through every dark cloud 

There’s a brighter day ahead so……






- Sam

My life changed some time ago due to a burst of anger which led to violence and prison. I have come through that now to work as a qualified youth worker mentor and trainee counselor. I am in a well known band and like most music, most people and love my work helping young people.
Mantra: “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

- Kayleigh

Hi, I’m Kayleigh. 
 Growing up as a child I faced and experienced some difficult situations that as a young child I was unable to control. I lived with my grandparents as both of mine were addicted to drugs.
Because of this I started to make some bad choices in life and took the wrong path. I ended up being permanently excluded from high school which left me leaving with no GCSEs. As I got older the bad choices I was making just got worse and then a miracle happened – I had a baby, so then my whole outlook on life changed. I knew then I wanted to help people who were facing or who had faced the same situations as I did as a young child. I then went on to enrol at St Helen’s College to study Counselling but sadly that month I lost my granddad and not long after lost my beautiful mum.
A few months after this was when I got introduced to CELLS, who welcomed me with open arms and gave me that chance I had been thriving for my whole life. After being with CELLS for a while I realised I was being the person I needed when I was younger and I am proud of this and couldn’t have done it without each and every person at CELLS.
I then started to build up relationships with the young people and started to help them set goals and begin their journey of achieving them. it is so rewarding watching these young people grow, if we at CELLS can help just one person then to me that is our goals achieved too.
My mantra is: “Never give up there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and there is always someone out there to speak to, don’t bottle it all up, because where there’s a storm there’s a rainbow.
Be grateful of what is around you today as it could be gone tomorrow”.

- Gemma

My name is Gemma and I’m a mentor and professional singer with a hope to train as an alcohol and substance misuse counsellor or support worker. Following years of battling with depression and anxiety I then suffered with a ten-year addiction problem.

Through my rehabilitation, I now support those affected by alcoholism and addiction, whether it be children who are the victims but also the struggling addicts, who I share my story with and give hope of  a way out.
From my experience I hope to continue to support those families torn apart through addiction and mental health issues. I wish to continue this through speaking to young people in schools, by educating them on the effects of alcohol and drug abuse; encouraging them to hopefully make better life choices for themselves and continuing to support those families also affected.                                                                                       

- Mike

Hi my name is Mike.

I made bad decisions and left a good job and pay to go graft and get loads of jail. I don’t want you to go through what my family or I have been through. If you are at it, it’s never too late to turn things round. whilst in jail I studied and qualified as a counsellor. Since release I have further trained and worked with young people and vulnerable adults and even though my new career won’t see me getting rich, I feel I can now sleep at night, knowing that what I have won’t be taken off me.

My Mantra: “Keep on going, and if you have to change path you will get to your destination eventually.”

– Ben

Hi My Name Is Ben.

 i have many bad choices in my life that have not just ruined my life but also the lives of others around me including my children i will forever live with that guilt of pain and embarrassment that drives me on too try and make a difference to my own life but also to try and help guide others into not making the same mistakes as i have made.

life can be tough and dark at times you think that there is no way out of it and that you are alone but there are people out there that will believe in you and if you give some one he chance to help you and show you a future you can achieve all you want in life.


a life of crime is not as glamorous as its made out o be its dark and full of lies and fake people that don’t really care about you they only care for what they can get out of you so stay away from that life and make a life for yourself that you can wake up to everyday and be proud of.

– Phelim

Hi My Name Is Phelim.

i have followed a straight path in life but have made some bad decisions along the way i believe in choices and the question before a decision is undoubtedly to make the right choice for yourself.

– Jemma

Hi My Name Is Jemma.

After Graduating at LJMU With a BA Hons Criminal Justice Degree i Got Involved With The CELLS Project.

Working With Young People Has Always Been a Passion Of Mine and I Feel i Can Give Them Hope And Inspire Them To Make Positive Changes.

My Mantra “Children Are Our Future, teach Them Well and Let Them Lead The Way”.

– Kerry

Hi My Name Is Kerry I have always been a people person, good at listening and supporting others. I got involved with CELLS to mentor young people but have grown so much over the few years I have been here, I now run the Family support group, whilst mentoring and also deliver workshops to young people and adults, love the work it keeps me going.

Meet Our Youth Team

‘Fix This Mess’

This project consists of a group of young people from North Liverpool Academy who are targeting knife crime and exploitation. They have made their own logo, t-shirts, play on CCE, knife crime info cards, raps, songs poems and many other things.