Family support

Are you worried about your child’s safety in the area and think that you would benefit from speaking to somebody else who has been affected by crime?

Would you like a safe space to come and learn new skills, gain qualifications and meet other people from the community who may be experiencing similar situations?

Do you think you would benefit from free, confidential advice to help you cope with the issues you are facing?

If you answered yes to any of the above, our Family Support group is there to remind you that you are not alone, tough times never last! Offering support and guidance from individuals with lived experience, our family support group aims to care for others in the community and empower families.

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As of July 2023, The CELLS Project Family Support group has:

  • 13 beneficiaries empowered to support and lead other parents carers facing issues they have overcome through the project.
  • 76 beneficiaries gain advice guidance and support with 15 additional gaining 24/7/ distance support and advice.
  • 71 participants have self reported improved confidence and self esteem, mental health and well being.
  • All but 6 participants have self reported improved communication within the home
  • 31 participants have improved personal development and feeling empowered through the engagement.
  • 7 volunteers have gained operational, supervision and mentoring skills through the project.
  • 68 participants have claimed the engagement has helped them deal with issues and situations that impact on their family’s.
  • 68 participants have reported Feeling inspired.
  • 12 beneficiaries feel they have gained experience to take the work forward into their communities.
  • 46 participants have developed coping mechanisms through involvement with the project.
  • New venues and locations added to our output including our new community centre home which will heighten output and delivery.

Some testimony

“I like coming to the group, I haven’t socialised for years, but by coming here i’m meeting new friends and gaining a lot of support.”

“I like listening to the positive thoughts here, we can help ourselves to be happy, calm and relaxed there is no negativity.”

“I really look forward to our group. Being able to open up makes me feel good and positive. I am feeling more confident, today was a good day.”

“I feel so much better because of this friendship and support.”

“ I feel like i’ve had a lot of support, also it’s nice to meet others who are going through the same issues. Im looking forward to next week already, LOVELY GIRLS!”

“Feel like today has lifted a weight off my shoulders, it’s nice to speak to people who are going through what I have with my daughter and not feel judged.”

“It’s great just talking with other adults”

“ I got up this morning and felt so much better, I now have hope.”