Frequently Asked Questions


Some people think CELLS is just about a group of people who scare kids about crime – this couldn’t be further from the truth. Our awareness sessions are more educational than anything and address most aspects of PSHE. All we do is offer young people an informed choice from people with lived experience, who have overcome issues the youngsters are facing and are trained to deliver the lessons. We understand that you cannot just take something away from youngsters; it is due to this, we try and offer an introduction into positive activities and personal development. We also reduce re-offending by helping people to progress into work experience and vocational qualifications. Some other myths about CELLS are rectified below:

Common Questions

— Are my children too young for CELLS Programmes?

CELLS deliver sessions to primary school children from all backgrounds. What enables us to ensure all policies and procedures are adhered to is the way we tailor-make the programmes with the help of the host service user (ie, the school head or teacher) who, in turn, relays the delivery to parents and carers. We ensure all materials and delivery are age-relevant, and we do feel that all children should be aware of where crime can lead.

— What is the cost of CELLS?

Currently CELLS has funding to deliver sessions in the Merseyside area.  Surrounding areas please contact us for the possibility of funded or private sessions and any costs that may arise from bespoke training and intervention.

— Are sessions all the same?

It is very rare that we deliver the same session to different groups.  When a booking is placed is we research the area issues and needs and plan the events and delivery content accordingly.  This research is undertaken with the host service user’s input. 

— Is CELLS just an impact day session?

CELLS deliver all kinds of bespoke programmes that are delivered according to participants need, we always continue dialogue with service users to ensure effect of our initial delivery is sustainable.

— Do CELLS just offer crime awareness programmes?

CELLS delivers all kinds of bespoke programmes that are delivered according to participants’ needs. We always continue dialogue with service users to ensure the effect of our initial delivery is sustainable.

— Not found an answer to your question?

 Contact us here and we will answer your question as soon as we can!

Here at Cells, we want young people to have a voice and be able to participate in interviewing people in a podcast. We wanted young people to have the opportunity to progress and learn from people who have turned their lives around or people that have made something with their life. KidsKast is a Q&A forum that is led by young people to explore the questions they want to ask and are able to relate to, the focus is on fun, information and informed choices from lived experience. Children and young people have opportunity to ask adults about the choices they made when they were young and how it has impacted on their lives. CELLS focus on providing young people with an informed choice on crime, based on the lived experience of our team members. Team members are people who have been affected by crime & its related topics, some are victim to crime or abuse, some are rehabilitated ex-offenders who hope to change the young people’s views on life-choices and help them avoid the same mistakes that ruined their lives. The CELLS Team have always been amazed by the good questions kids ask. The children and young people running KidsKast will have the opportunity to also interview people who are deemed to have succeeded in life, and possibly ask questions on how this happens.
KidsKast is in partenership with Cells Project.