Educating young people on the consequences of crime since 2009.

““The work that CELLS do is truly unmatched and potentially life changing. Many of the young people that CELLS work with are at risk of going down the wrong path, which is why CELLS aims to promote better choices for CYP. I was working alongside an ex-offender which provided the young people with somebody to de-glamorise the perception that they may have previously had about prison life, involvement with gangs and drugs and violence. [Mentors] had workbooks and presentations about drugs, firearms and abuse, which covered the impacts and misconceptions that are associated with such topics. The change in the CYP’s mindset, their confidence and knowledge has been unimaginable. They went from talking about drug use and gangs to talking about their future career prospects and the dream future they want to have. CELLS can be the difference between going down the wrong path to going down the right one.” Volunteer, 2024.

What We Do


CELLS Mission

The Choices, Education, Learning, Lifelong Skills (CELLS) Project is a registered charity in Merseyside (Charity No: 1192651), based in Tower Hill, Kirkby. We work with children and young people (CYP) aiming to educate them on the consequences of crime and deter them from the cycle of criminal behaviour. The CELLS Project has provided services since 2009 to CYP as well as providing the team members with a new sense of purpose. Our team are made up of individuals from all walks of life, with our own lived experiences that we share, from ex-offenders, to victims of crime, university graduates and individuals interested in social change all committed to tackling crime and keeping children and vulnerable people safe. 


Crime prevention through education - our main initiatives:

  1. Crime and Behavioural Awareness programmes: Awareness sessions presented in schools teaching CYP about the consequences of crime through lived experience
  2. Mentoring: 1-2-1 mentoring with a trained and qualified mentor who is relatable and won’t give up on you.
  3. Fix this Mess (FTM) Youth Club: A safe space for 8-12 year olds to come and make friends, have fun and enjoy activities planned and organised by our youth team.
  4. Itsup2u: A positive programme for ex-offenders interested in training, volunteering and removing the stigma that comes after being in prison.
  5. Lean on Me: Our family support group and mentoring for parents and carers worried about their child’s safety due to criminality in the local area.

Who we support

  • Children and Young people who are at risk or engaged with crime.
  • Families worried about their child’s safety.
  • Victims of crime and abuse.
  • Reformed offenders or those seeking reformation.
  • Volunteers from the local community, “giving something back”.
  • University students interested in social change and gaining experience in the third sector.

The main driving force for CELLS is lived experience

Cobalt Housing, 2024.

“Today was an interesting and memorable experience”

Student, February 2024.

“I really enjoyed today, thank you for coming into our school and teaching us about crime.”

Primary school pupil, February 2024.

“Today was good, I learned a lot”

Primary school pupil, February 2024.

“Today taught me about the consequences of being involved with crime and surpassed my highest expectations”

Primary school pupil, February 2024.

“CELLS are an unbelieve charity and have inspired me to make the right decisions”

School teacher, February 2024.

“I think it would benefit all schools to do these workshops”

(Participant A).

“C.E.L.L.S has helped me to stop reoffending, it has helped me overcome certain demons in my life regarding mental health issues that I’ve had. I find that helping young people is in essence my counselling. I come away and feel so much better, it is a worthwhile job, not only as the ex-offender to keep [me] out of prison but also to give something back to the community and put something in place to the damage [I] have caused…”

Some of our Many Partners