Our mentors have been working with a young lady who has been severely exploited ( CSE, CCE, county lines and grooming) by criminal gangs in Merseyside and Lancashire. She was referred in by social care for our support in understanding this exploitation and how it had led to her having her 2 young babies off her. We matched her with a female mentor who had similar extreme experience of this but had overcome it. The mentor worked with her on understanding choices and assertiveness, she has now gained self esteem, confidence and is far more assertive particularly in decision making when it comes to exploitative and negative influences. She has this week been told she is getting her children back and looks forward to working with her mentor to rebuild her life. The coordinators are now working with her mentor and her and she has enroled on a level 2 mentoring course with cells and once this is complete will be training and working with us voluntarily and then in a paid capacity to help other young girls deal with similar circumstances.