We Support Children and Youth to Reach Their Full Potential

Who we are

The CELLS Project is a Community Interest Company established in 2012, with the aim of creating a sustainable and protective service for all users. Originally founded in 2009, the project has been successfully delivered across many different platforms, whereby users receive a service free of any disruption, manipulation and any negative influences.

What We Do

— We Educate

Our ultimate objective is to provide children and young people with an understanding of the significances of anti-social behaviour and crime, so they can make and informed choice about their own life path. the work we do is not exclusively for those who could be seen as criminally active or for those who fall under the ‘NEET’ (Not in education, employment or training) criteria, but for those who need a reminder that inappropriate actions could lead to unpleasant consequences.

— We Provide Care

From this we offer guidance and mentoring, which promotes positive progression, by endorsing stimulating activities, informal education and employability opportunities. Our current initiative is aimed directly at young people through our EPIC movement. ‘Education, Preventative alternatives, Inspiration and Change’ are just four of the aspects we aim to tackle. a range of workshops and programmes are available, including involvement with innovative props such as our mobile and static Prison Cell experiences, to create an influential and informative crime awareness team.

— We Consult

The power of CELLS lies in our team’s ability to engage with and inspire youths, by encouraging a life outside of criminality. The team consists of people who have been affected by crime and who will narrate their testimony to the youngsters on their own experiences making participants engage and the understand crime is not a viable activity or career option. Acknowledgement of the teams recovery process can be seen thorough rehabilitation and personal development that our ‘itsup2u‘ initiative offers.

what we care about

The dangers of drugs, drug dealing, alcohol and substance misuse
Ending racism and hate crimes
The criminal justice system and victim impact
Emily Spurrell Deputy PCC-280218-014
Promoting social behaviour
Educating on prison and prison life
Ending domestic abuse
Teenage pregnancies
Preventing low-level gateway activities
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Stopping gun, gang and knife crimes

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